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Macbook Repair Services

Regular price $226.06

Check-Up and Quote for Your Macbook: Starting from $226.06 inc GST

  1. Payment and Booking: Once you pay, we'll contact you to confirm when to bring your Macbook to our Lane Cove service centre. Typically, we'll schedule you within 1-3 working days.

  2. Inspection and Diagnosis: We'll thoroughly inspect and diagnose your Macbook for repairs or upgrades.

  3. Quote and Advice: After our inspection, we'll provide a quote for the total repair cost and suggest options to speed up and enhance your computer's performance.

 Booking Agreement: By booking, you agree to our terms and privacy.

Need a new Macbook screen replacement? 

  • We work with all sizes.
  • Fast service: Most jobs completed in 1-3 days.
  • Prices vary by model.

For a quote, just send us your Macbook's model and serial number!


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