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Data Recovery Initial Assessment and Quote

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Data Recovery Made Simple with Asmarina!

The process: 

  1. Bring in Your Device: Whether it's a desktop, laptop, or Mac, simply bring in your device including portable USB drives.

  2. Assessment and Repair: We'll remove the hard drive from your computer and attempt to access, repair, and recover your data. This process typically takes around 1-4 weeks.

  3. Additional Costs: If we encounter hardware faults such as issues with the motor, cylinder, or circuit board, we'll provide you with a quote for additional recovery costs through our data recovery partner.

  4. Data Recovery: If we're able to repair your hard drive, we'll recover the data onto a new portable drive. Choose from our options: 1TB for $115 or 2TB for $125. If you need more storage, we'll provide a customised quote.

Trust Asmarina Computers to simplify your data recovery needs!