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Quick Heal Total Security Software for Mac - 1 PC and 1 year License

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Complete Mac Security

Multi-layered and customisable virus protection continuously keeps your Mac safe from worms, Trojans and other malicious programs without slowing it down. Allows you to exclude files and folders from scanning and choose between a comprehensive full-system or selective scan options. Allows you to quarantine suspected files and have a backup of files before repairing them.


Web Security

Cloud based security restricts fake and fraudulent phishing websites from stealing identifiable information and money. Prevents the user from visiting fraudulent, compromised, infected and phishing websites automatically.


Parental Control

Gives you the power to change, schedule and control internet security settings for your kids. Parents can block access to categories of websites (e.g. Adult, Gaming, Social Networking, etc.) and protect children from online threats.


AntiSpam and Email Security

Real-time cloud based email security prevents spam, phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox.